Sam Winchester (lost_myshoe) wrote,
Sam Winchester

[RP for sky_is_grey] The first date

In the end, Sam had decided to take Jess out to dinner. They were both students, neither particularly rich, and so their destination wasn't the poshest place in Palo Alto. But it was an Italian, not a greasy diner, and he figured that was something.

In true gentlemanly style, Sam decided to pick Jess up from her dorm room half an hour before his reservation time. It was only a ten minute walk from campus, but he was also ready with the money for a cab if Jess wanted that. She was going to call the shots tonight.

Dressed in a smart shirt and jeans, trying to not look too casual or too smart, he took a deep breath and hit the buzzer for her flat.
Tags: [rp] jess, [verse] california dreaming
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