Sam Winchester (lost_myshoe) wrote,
Sam Winchester

RP for iamwinchester and prettyboyangel

It had been a long day. If Sam believed the clock on the wall, and he guess he had to, it had only been a few hours ago that he and his brother had been questioning locals about the strange goings on at the warehouse on the edge of town. It was hard to believe, in that short time, they had come so close to a second run in with Zachariah and his clones. They had come so close to giving Castiel over to Heaven.

It felt like years had passed, but here they all were again, Castiel still with them and perched awkwardly on the edge of Dean's bed. They weren't far from Bobby's, as it turned out, and Sam was now preoccupied packing up his duffel bag to head in that direction. They weren't safe there now, not now that they'd had another run in with the angels, and if anyone would know what to do from here, it'd be Bobby.

"Ready?" He asked his brother when he was done sorting himself out, heading to the motel room door without waiting for a response.
Tags: [featuring] castiel, [featuring] dean, [rp] dean, [season] 5, [verse] grand canyon
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